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Primary Research

The primary research findings presented below are based on responses to a fourteen-question survey, with responses collected between March 20-26, 2023. A total of 200 responses to the survey were collected, and after filtering out responses from individuals who did not meet the minimum 18-year-old age requirement, or had not been mentored during their career, data from 169 survey responses are included in the results. The surveys were anonymous and were promoted via a LinkedIn social media post. Of the survey questions, 11 of the 14 questions use a five-point Likert scale. Additionally, there was one qualification question, one ranking question, and one open-ended comment question.  No compensation was provided to the survey respondents.


Research Results: Bio

Positive Difference

The results from this question are conclusive. For those who have had mentoring experiences, 98% agree or strongly agree that those experiences have made a positive difference in their careers.

Research Results: About
Research Results: About

Trust (overall)

A significant percentage of the survey respondents (96%) agreed or strongly agreed that they trust their mentor to have their best interest in mind. This is significant. As shown in the trust section on this website, research is conclusive regarding the importance of trust in the mentoring relationship.

Trust (timing)

While trust was shown as a positive part of the mentoring relationship, as illustrated in the previous question, here we discover that trust does not come immediately and instead is built over time. In fact, 19% of respondents could not agree with the statement that they were able to trust their mentor from the beginning of their relationship.

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Finding a Mentor

The next three questions in the research focus on various aspects of finding a mentor. This first question asks about the ease of finding a mentor. Less that 1/3 agreed or strongly agreed (31%) that finding a mentor was an easy task.

Research Results: About

Company Help Finding a Mentor

Here our results show that only 29% of respondents agree or strongly agree that their company was helpful to them finding a mentor.

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Company Encouragement

While our previous question showed that mentees don't feel their companies are good at sourcing mentors, they do feel better about the mentoring encouragement they receive (51% agree or strongly agree).